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"Some people play tennis, I erode the human soul". -Tycho on his non-gaming pastimes.

"Roll for initiative".

Tycho is one of the main characters from Penny Arcade, and the avatar of the comic's writer, Jerry Holkins. In Poker Night at the Inventory, he plays after The Heavy and before The Player.


Tycho made his debut in the first Penny Arcade comic, The SIN Of Long Load Times. He made his video game debut in Penny Arcade Adventures.

Half of the Penny Arcade duo, Tycho is the bitter and sarcastic foil to Gabe's whimsy and childishness. He is an avid tabletop RPG player, even snaring Gabe into his hobby. Oddly enough, Tycho has several unhealthy and weird fetishes from long necked animals to overendowed aliens.

Notable qualities include his "judo-grip" on the English Language and affinity for alcoholic beverages.

Poker Strategy

Tycho seems to have the strategy of folding unless he has an insanely good hand. As people get eliminated however, he becomes more aggressive (check-raising and begins to bluff) in trying to encourage folding and eventually knocking out the player. To avoid this, try to eliminate him as soon as possible, he adapts the strongest strategy of the four opponents.

Tycho as he appears in-game.

Tycho's Tells

  • When Tycho gets a bad hand he may shake his head slightly.
  • If Tycho has a hand that is likely to win near the end of the round, he may check his hole cards, smile in celebration then look off innocently.
  • Tycho may have a good hand if he slides his hand over his face.
  • If Tycho slaps himself and then slides his right hand down his face, he (obviously) has a bad hand.

Tycho’s Collateral- The Enthusiast’s Timepiece

Gabe and Tycho have had a long history of fighting and murdering each other over aPac-Man watch. Tycho can bet that same watch instead of cash. Once won from Tycho, it can be used in Team Fortress 2 by the Spy as a remodel of the default Invisibility Watch. Notably, it is blood-stained in Poker Night, but it's clean in Team Fortress 2. When you beat Tycho and take his watch, he looks at and says " I'm gonna miss that little guy" and walks off. Most likely, this is a reference to his strong attachment to the watch and his history with Gabe involving it.

Tycho's Relationships With Other Characters:

  • Heavy: Tycho's relationship with the Heavy varies, as they can be very friendly towards each other, but the Heavy is sometimes suspicious of him due to his blue sweater.  Tycho is sometimes thought to be a Blu Spy and backstabber by Heavy.  Tycho will taunt Heavy if he says he's a new class.
  • Max: Tycho gets along well with Max, finding that they share many of the same interests.
  • Strong Bad: Tycho does not like Strong Bad, and the two regularly argue about each others' websites. Compared to Strong Bad, Tycho is actually more mature - whenever there is a struggle between the two, it is almost always Strong Bad who starts it by outright insulting him or boasting himself while belittling Tycho. He rarely takes Strong Bad's insults seriously and he always effortlessly ripostes him.
  • The Player: Tycho seems to assume The Player is a hardcore gamer like he is, and understands off of Tycho's gamer jargon.  Tycho will sometimes taunt the Player if the Player is busted out saying that he "would be sweating hate"; if the Player knocks him out, he will say to all of them that it was fun, then immediately tell them to "go fuck [their] respective selves".

Tycho Trivia

  • Tycho is voiced by Andrew "Kid Beyond" Chaikin, Who Played Max in Sam and Max Season 1 Episode 1: Culture Shock (Until he was Replaced by William Kasten in Situation: Comedy, Onwards)
  • Tycho seems to be in to bestiality. During in game conversations, he'll talk about giraffes and hedgehogs in a very sexual way. When talking about the pot, he may talk about how it can buy him trips to the petting zoo and "a little giraffe time" which heavily hints that Tycho is a zoophile.
  • Tycho sometimes rolls his 20-sided die to decide his next move, whether its folding, calling, checking, raising, or going all in. The camera angle makes it impossible to see his roll; however, he will always either mutter "Blech..." and fold/check, or enthuse "Fuck yeah!" and raise.
  • Though Tycho's eyes go red in the trailer when uttering the line "Face down in front of me is the card-beast of your worst poker nightmare.", they remain brown in-game because it was a video effect.
  • When Tycho is eliminated from the match, he will walk down to the bar and sit next to Flint Paper.
  • Has actually been in a game himself: Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episodes 1&2. The storyline is being finished in literary format on the site.
  • In the game, Tycho seems to be knowledgeable of the fact that not only is he a character in a web comic and a video game, but is also aware of the history of the Inventory and the fact that he is playing poker with characters from other video games. He is also aware that he is currently in a poker video game, as he may mention that the player is doing well, "given this game's impeccable AI programming".
  • Tycho is the only character to swear in the game. Strong Bad swears at one point, but it is bleeped out, even if censors are off.
  • If Tycho is the first one to be eliminated, he will sometimes stand up and say that he will eat his granola bar in the loss of the game. But before he can speak out completely, he will be interrupted by the others (except the Player because they have no weapon, or if they do, it cannot be seen) pointing their guns at him and before they even get a chance to open fire, he will complete his phrase. Heavy puts down Sasha and Max throws his pistol behind himself. But Strong Bad will keep aiming his weapon and tell him to hand over the bar to him (referencing the fact that Strong Bad hates Tycho and his "fan site for babies"). In answer, he will just walk away and then Strong Bad holsters his nunchuck gun.
  • Tycho is the only opponent to not be armed with a firearm when playing poker. In Penny Arcades Adventures, he is armed with a Thompson in Episode One, and in Episode Two, he is armed with a shotgun.
  • Tycho is the only opponent to not have an alternate look based on the tabletop - instead, his "alternate look" changes the entire screen by applying a monochrome filter.
  • According to a hidden dialog file, Tycho was originally going to bet his sweater instead of the Enthusiast's Timepiece.
  • For unknown reasons and like Strong Bad when he says the Heavy's story about him killing an Engineer is "fucked up shit" ("bleeped up bleep" in the subtitles), when Tycho says "Shit hot" after getting the highest or tied hand it will always be censored no matter which setting is on (Censored or not).

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