Decks Edit

The Penny Arcade Deck is the fourth unlockable deck after the default deck.

  • Ace: Spade has a 20-sided die on the tip.
  • King: Gabe and Tycho
  • Queen: Fruit Fucker (Blacks), Grapefruits (Reds)
  • Jack: Twisp (Blacks), Catsby (Reds)
  • Back of Cards: Blue with yellow band in middle; Pac-Man logo on yellow part.

For the Poker Night deck, Penny Arcade is represented by the Spades (except Ace).

  • King: Tycho and Gabe
  • Queen: "Annarchy" Brahe
  • Jack: Fruit Fucker

Tables Edit

Table Wins Needed Description and Effect
Automata 5 A black table with a picture of Carl from the Penny Arcade miniseries Automata in the center. Using this table gives the entire place a monochromatic scheme.
Fruit Friend 8 A dark faded blue table with a picture of the Fruit Fucker in the middle with oranges surrounding it.
Twisp & Catsby 16 A dark blue table with Twisp on the right, Catsby on the left, and the moon in the center.
Telltale Shield 20 A black table featuring a shield in the center with various parts representing the four characters in the game and the Telltale Games logo in the center of the shield. Using this table has the combined effects of the Automata, RED Team, Videlectrix and Max & Crossbones tables.

Team Fortress 2 Item Edit

Enthusiast's Timepiece (Invis Watch Replacement [Spy])