Sean Vanaman: The Inventory is "a cool space... where... game enthusiasts and game characters can hang out and have a cocktail and play poker"

The Inventory is the venue where the poker games takes place. It is a well hidden speakeasy for game characters to relax on their off-time.


Outside the Inventory is a door with a blood-stained "Inventory" sign from Team Fortress 2. Above is another sign, this time with crates hanging from it.


Inventory Crates

Crates are seen hanging from the ceiling.

An elevator takes you inside the real Inventory where the host of The Inventory, Reginald Van Winslow, takes newcomers on a guided tour. There is a secret passage through a moving bookshelf. The arcade game, Buster Blaster from Telltale's Sam & Max games, is seen by a flight of stairs. Several tables are scattered around. The tables are lit by candles in dice-shaped covers. A bar is towards the middle of the bottom floor. The game, Maps and Minions from Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, can be found. Photos from other Telltale Games series are hung on the wall. The biggest table stands alone under a light, where Strong Bad, Max, Tycho, The Heavy, and The Player play poker in Poker Night at the Inventory.

When the elevator is out of order, The Inventory can be entered through the main door. The main entrance consists of an unassuming hallway with a sign that points to the left to go to The Inventory and to the right to go to receiving. Going towards The Inventory leads to another hallway with many doors that lead to other rooms. A secret passage can be accessed through a moving wall, leading to the elevator entrance. A portrait of players of previous poker tournaments hangs on the wall, excluding The Player, whose appearance remains a mystery. When the bar is operational, it is tended by Moxxi. There are seats around the bar area, which are used by people when they are eliminated from a poker game, or for other activities such as when a murder mystery dinner show was held in Make a Scene with Telltale at PAX 2010. When poker games aren't being held on the stage, such as when Sam, Claptrap, Ash Williams, Brock Samson, and The Player played poker in Poker Night 2, the poker table is situated near the staircase. Some poker tables are outfitted with hidden panels, through which cards can be dealt by robotic arms controlled by artificial intelligence computer systems such as GLaDOS.


TheInventory Logo

The Logo for The Inventory

The Inventory was founded in 1919 in the basement (or Inventory) of Dick and Kent's Games and Amusements Factory (Established 1899), in response to an early draft of the 18th amendment. Said legislation would have, in addition to outlawing libation (alcohol), banned the production of games and entertainment as well. In response to this, The Inventory was founded as a speakeasy for game enthusiasts and makers (and later as video games were developed, the game characters themselves). It remains hidden and highly exclusive to this day just in case games are banned again.

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