It was the first game by Telltale Games, and was originally intended as a test bed for Telltale to see if their engine could handle facial animations and realistic dialog between characters. However, the team enjoyed the game so much, they decided to release it to the public.

Unlike Telltale's other games, the game stars completely original characters.

The game's five poker players traveled from all over the United States to compete in the Telltale Texas Hold'em Tournament. They are Theodore Dudebrough from Las Vegas, Nevada, Harry Weinhead from Atlanta, Georgia, Boris Krinkle from New York City, New York, Grandma Shakey from Bowling Green, Kentucky, and a mysterious stranger known only as The Player.


  • This was the first game to introduce The Player, who would also be the stand-in for the player in Poker Night at the Inventory and Poker Night 2.
  • The unseen poker instructor in Telltale Texas Hold'em (who is the person who is said to be giving out the poker advice in the tutorial), Artie Flopshark, is mentioned by Max in Poker Night at the Inventory and also appears in that game as the rank "Artie Flopshark (deceased)".
  • Boris Krinkle appears in the first and second seasons of Sam & Max, as Leonard Steakcharmer, the name which Harvey Weinhead said suited him better in Telltale Texas Hold'em. In his first appearance in Sam & Max: Season One, Max says the name Boris Krinkle suited him better.
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