Sometimes, the players will bet items instead of money. If successfully claimed, they can be used in gameplay for Team Fortress 2.



Unlock screen for Lugermorph and License to Maim


Lugermorph (Pistol Replacement [Scout & Engineer]) & License to Maim (Misc. Item, All Classes)


Max: Would you settle for a travel pack of tissues and a half-eaten jar of maroshino cherries? Winslow: Mmmm, I do relish a good cherry. But I'm afraid there may be an issue of parity. Max: I don't have any pears, either. Oh! I've also got 38 to 40k in uncut diamonds. But how about my gun and badge? Y'know, you can't put a price on a License to Maim. Winslow: Very well! The player to eliminate Max from the game will receive a pistol and a Freelance Police badge.

Eliminated from Play (after wagering the Crimestopper's Combo)Edit

Max:Enjoy! Don't put your mouth on that, though, I can't speak to its cleanliness.

Winning Another Player's Buy-inEdit

  • (Iron Curtain) (emphatically) It''s BEAUTIFUL.
  • (Everything else) If there's one thing I'm full of, it's useless crap!

Strong BadEdit


Unlock screen for Dangeresque, Too? Glasses


Dangeresque Too? Shades (Misc. Item [Demoman])


Strong bad: Oh...Uh...I couldn't fit my briefcase full of cash in these pants, on account on my ample hind bosom. But I DO have these cool-cool-fady-shady Dangeresque glasses! They're worth like five ten thousand So, we're good right? You guys bought that? Winslow: If nobody else has a problem with it, Strong Bad will be buying in with collateral. Whoever knocks him out will recieve his buy-in.

Eliminated from Play (after wagering Dangeresque, Too?)Edit

Strong Bad:...well, crap.

Winning another player's buy-inEdit

Strong Bad: Maybe I'll use this to bribe The Cheat into doing something hilariously illegal!



Unlock screen for Iron Curtain


  • Iron Curtain (Minigun Replacement [Heavy])
  • Dealer's Visor (awarded to players who pre-ordered Poker Night at the Inventory before November 22, 2010).


Heavy: I am sorry. I do not have this money... I did, but Sasha has been very good lately, and I wanted to get her gifts. The money is gone. I have no choice... Max: Aw, you gotta play! Heavy: I have no choice but to buy in with Sasha, so I can keep honor. Max: It's... it's... beautiful! Heavy: I hope this is alright. Winslow: Ha, I see no problem with it. Whoever knocks him out will receive his buy-in.

Eliminated from Play (after wagering the Iron Curtain)Edit

Heavy: (Looks sadly at his gun) Goodbye, my love.

Winning Another Player's Buy-inEdit

Heavy: I will put this in my box of things I collect from dead enemies.



Unlock screen for Enthusiast's Timepiece


Enthusiast's Timepiece (Invis Watch Replacement [Spy])


Tycho: Well this is embarrassing. I generally walk around with large bricks of money with which to buy into backroom card games, but I'm a little light this evening. Anyway, I think this should even it up.

Eliminated from Play (after wagering the Enthusiast's Timepiece)Edit

Tycho:{looking back, watching the Timepiece disappear} I'm going to miss that thing.

Winning Another Player's Buy-inEdit

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