The default Inventory table.

Tables are a type of unlockable in Poker Night 1 and 2. They change the look of the table that the game is played on, and are merely a cosmetic effect.

Poker Night 1Edit

New poker tables can be unlocked by winning matches. Every match unlocks a new table except for multiples of three, in which a Deck will be awarded instead.

Some tables have special effects that alter certain things in the game's world.

Table Wins Needed Description and Effect
Default 0 A simple green design with the locations of cards marked on it.
Max Imp 1 A red table with a picture of Max Imp in the center.
Trogdor 2 A green design with an intricate Trogdor pattern at the center and singed edges.
Telltale Games 4 A green table with the Telltale Games logo in the center.
Automata 5 A black table with a picture of Carl from the Penny Arcade miniseries Automata in the center. Using this table gives the entire place a monochromatic scheme.
RED Team 7 A red and white table with the RED team logo in the center. Using this table causes the Heavy to wear a green visor, however when he is sad, scared or so (his eyebrows go a bit high) his model will clip through the visor because he does not use his Meet the Team/Hardware morph model (the HWM version has wrinkles and better shadowed ears).
Fruit Friend 8 A dark faded blue table with a picture of the Fruit Fucker in the middle with oranges surrounding it.
Videlectrix 10 A red, orange, and yellow table with the Videlectrix logo in the center and their slogan below. Using this table turns Strong Bad's model into retro-style polygons.
BLU Team 11 A blue and white table with the BLU team logo in the center.
Strong Badia 13 A table with the Strong Badia flag design overlayed on the surface.
Team Fortress 2 14 A dirty orange table with the Team Fortress logo in the center.
Twisp & Catsby 16 A dark blue table with Twisp on the right, Catsby on the left, and the moon in the center.
Max & Crossbones 17 A green table with Max's skull and crossbones in the center. Using this table turns Max into a skeleton.
Freelance Police 19 A blue table with the Freelance Police emblem in the center.
Telltale Shield 20 A black table featuring a shield in the center with various parts representing the four characters in the game and the Telltale Games logo in the center of the shield. Using this table has the combined effects of the Automata, RED Team, Videlectrix and Max & Crossbones tables.
Poker Night Free A simple red design showing the game's title.
Inventory Security Free

A black table with a large part of the center hollowed out. A small security surveillance center sits in the middle of the depression, and it is implied that the entire table is covered by a transparent layer as the chips and cards do not fall in. (However, on some occasions the characters may clip through the table, such as Max when he hides with only his head visible during the showdown when the rest of the cards haven't been shown yet, his feet going through the table when he has folded or Tychos sweater barely clipping into the table.)

Poker Night 2Edit

The tables and obtaining them have been radically changed from Poker Night 1. They are now called felts rather than tables, but still share the same purpose and no longer need wins to unlock. Instead they are bought with inventory tokens, the amount of which varies from table to table.

Table Tokens Needed Description
The Inventory Free A simple green design with the locations of cards marked on it. Same as Poker Night 1.
Borderlands 60 A tan brown design with grey, metallic borders and the Dahl logo in the center with a gun underneath it.
Sam & Max 25th Anniversary 75 A tablecloth-like olive green design with each of the four card suits in the pattern and Max's smiling head in the center with a crown on top and the words "25th anniversary" beneath it as well as olive branches on the sides.
The Venture Bros. 105 A yellow and orange design with The Monarch's signature insignia plastered in the center.
Army of Darkness 180 A black and white spiral design displaying the portal that sends Ash back to the 13th century in the beginning of the movie.
Portal 360 A table that displays the Aperture Science Innovators logo.

Images of Tables with EffectsEdit

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