Decks Edit

The Homestar Runner deck is the second unlockable deck after the default deck. The cards are in an 8-bit style. Numbered cards are simply the suit in the center with the number on top of it.

  • Ace: Spade has Videlectrix Logo
  • King: Strong Bad
  • Queen: The Cheat
  • Jack: Homestar Runner
  • Back of Cards: Blue with white star in center.

For the Poker Night deck, the Homestar Runner universe is represented by Hearts.

  • King: Strong Sad
  • Queen: Strong Bad
  • Jack: Homestar Runner

Tables Edit

Table Wins Needed Description and Effect
Trogdor 2 A green design with an intricate Trogdor pattern at the center and singed edges.
Videlectrix 10 A red, orange, and yellow table with the Videlectrix logo in the center and their slogan below. Using this table turns Strong Bad's model into retro-style polygons.
Strong Badia 13 A table with the Strong Badia flag design overlayed on the surface.
Telltale Shield 20 A black table featuring a shield in the center with various parts representing the four characters in the game and the Telltale Games logo in the center of the shield. Using this table has the combined effects of the Automata, RED Team, Videlectrix and Max & Crossbones tables.

Team Fortress 2 Item Edit

Dangeresque Too? Shades (Misc. Item [Demoman])