"The Rambling Wreck of Email Check"

{singing} "Oh, I'm an e-mail gambler... that means I play cards with e-mails. {pulls up an e-mail.} Full house." - Strong Bad

Strong Bad is a masked wrestler and famous email checker from Homestar Runner. In Poker Night at the Inventory, He plays after Max and before the Heavy.


Strong Bad was originally the villain in the early Homestar Runner years, making his debut in The Homestar Runner Enters the Strongest Man in the World Contest, the 1996 children's book which started the Homestar Runner franchise.  

Strong Bad has since gone on to be the most popular character on the Homestar Runner website with his own series "Strong Bad Emails" or Sbemails for short. He made his first video game appearance in the classic flash game Dancing Bubs, and went on to star in many other flash games on the Homestar Runner website.  He later went on to star as the main character in "Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People" or SBCG4AP.

Strong Bad also produced, directed and starred as the titular character in his own (very) amateur film series Dangeresque.

Poker Strategy

Having a delusionally high opinion of himself, Strong Bad often plays very recklessly, wagering high or going all-in at inopportune times attempting to get other players to fold. This does make it difficult to determine if he actually has a good hand, however, as he'll treat even mediocre hands as good hands. Due to this strategy, he is often the first or last contender to be eliminated.

Strong Bad's Tells

  • If Strong Bad repeatedly hits his head against the table, he (obviously) has a terrible hand.
  • If Strong Bad's eyes are smugly half-shut, he has a good hand.
  • If Strong Bad's eyes wince in excitement, he is either bluffing or has a good hand.
  • If Strong Bad tosses his arms up in celebration and looks around the table, he has a very good hand.
  • If Strong Bad taps the table before betting, he is bluffing.

Strong Bad's Collateral: Dangeresque Too?

At seemingly random intervals, Strong Bad will claim to be strapped for cash at the beginning of a tournament. As collateral, Mr. Bad wagers the shutter shades worn by Homestar Runner as Dangeresque, Too? in "Dangeresque 1: Dangeresque... Too?" Notably, Strong Bad wears them throughout the match when he brings them. Once won from him they can be worn by the Demoman as a misc. item. As of 2nd December 2010 they are now paintable.

Strong Bad's Relationships With Other Characters

  • Heavy: The Heavy has nicknamed Strong Bad "Tiny Heavy," which Strong Bad takes umbrage to, even though they get along pretty well.
  • Max: Strong Bad seems to have a casual relationship with Max and believes that he and Max are being exploited by Telltale Games, though Max does not seem to know what Strong Bad is talking about, since his series doesn't use fourth-wall humor nearly as much.
  • Tycho: Strong Bad and Tycho seem to hate each other, and often argue, mostly about their popularity and websites, Compared to Strong Bad, Tycho is actually more mature - when Strong Bad insults him, Tycho ripostes more subtly, often in such a way that Strong Bad doesn't even realize it, and he also rarely, if ever, starts battles with Strong Bad.
  • The Player: There is nothing Strong Bad enjoys more than insulting the Player, with the possible exception of insulting everybody else. Strong Bad senses whenever the Player's bluffing, thus encourages him/her to fold on all of their bets. If the Player wins, Strong Bad will act like he would let The Player win. On the other hand, he is extremely jealous over it.  He will sometimes think the Player and all the others are cheaters when he gets busted out.

Strong Bad Trivia

  • Strong Bad is voiced by Matt Chapman, the same actor who has been voicing Strong Bad the entire history of Homestar Runner, and the co-creator of the Homestar Runner franchise along with his brother, Mike Chapman.
  • When Strong Bad is eliminated from the match, he will storm off to go play on Bluster Blaster. However, at the end of the game, if you win, you can see him playing Bluster Blaster but he hasn't entered a coin.
  • As with all characters in the game, Strong Bad will often invoke catchphrases from his cartoon. For example, when attempting to convince the player into folding, he will shout "Looks like you're gonna have to fooooooold", a reference to his film series "Dangeresque", wherein the namesake character will shout "Looks like I'm gonna have to juuuuuuump" when in need of doing so.
  • Being from a relatively family-oriented series, Strong Bad doesn't normally swear. However, he swears for the first time after hearing the Heavy's sadistic story of how he killed an Engineer by shoving a wrench down his throat and ripping all of his fingers off. However, it is always censored, even if the game is set to be uncensored. This is the first and most likely only time in known memory where any Homestar Runner character will (or THAT severely feel the need to) swear, except for in a few Easter Eggs in two specific Strong Bad Emails where The Cheat (Strong Bad's pet) says "Screw all y'all," which in modern day society, isn't nearly as bad as many other curses.
  • It is likely Strong Bad had stolen the "Dangeresque, Too?" glasses from Homestar, as he shows little to no distress or interest when losing them.
  • Strong Bad carries the Nunchuk Gun, a black revolver with nunchaku taped to them in a way that restricts the revolver's rotating chambers. This is another reference to his film series, Dangeresque.
  • Strong Bad seems to be well aware of the fact that he is a video game character in addition to an internet icon. This is an example of "fourth wall humor."
  • All three other series have been referenced in the Homestar Runner series. Strong Bad parodied Penny Arcade in the Strong Bad email "web comics"; Strong Bad erroneously referred to Sam and Max as "Rabbitdog and Bunnym'n" in the SBCG4AP advert; and Bubs is seen with a bottle labeled PONK! in "hremail3184", a nod to the Scout's BONK! energy drink.
  • If you choose the table to be Videlectrix, Strong Bad will appear as he did in the fake game StrongBad3Dtotal.wad in this advert, where he will be very polygonal, looking like something from the Nintendo 64.
  • On some occasions during gameplay, Strong Bad's mouth may dissapear. Putting graphics settings on something like 3 could prevent it happening, but may also happen when Strong Bad goes all-in.

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