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  • Characters mentioned:
    • Homestar Runner - The titular character of the Homestar Runner series. Strong Bad has a generally negative attitude towards Homestar, though at times has been almost-friends with him, particularly when the situation is to his benefit or liking.
      Strong Bad will often bring up Homestar during negative situations.
    • Marzipan - Homestar Runner's on-again-off-again girlfriend. Strong Bad appears to dislike Marzipan, often prank-calling her and making fun of her lifestyle.
      Similar to Homestar Runner, Strong Bad will usually bring up Marzipan in negative situations.
    • The Cheat - Strong Bad's 'pet.' While a diligent lackey to Strong Bad, The Cheat also holds some resentment towards him for many reasons, usually Strong Bad's constant abuse towards him.
      Strong Bad mentions The Cheat in multiple contexts.
      • A cut set of dialogue also suggests that Strong Bad was at one point going to call The Cheat when someone was bluffing.
    • Strong Sad - The 'big-little brother' of the Brothers Strong. Strong Bad doesn't like Strong Sad because of his depressed behavior and general dullness, often making fun of him or even beating him up.
      Strong Bad usually mentions Strong Sad in negative situations, but also suggests to Heavy in one of their conversations to "toss the fat hump of dump out the second story window."
    • Strong Mad - The 'biggest brother' of the Brothers Strong, characterized by his monosyllabic speech pattern and almost-childlike behavior. Strong Bad seems to look up to Strong Mad, though he isn't above picking on him on occasion.
      Strong Bad only ever mentions Strong Mad during one of his 'Splitting the Pot' quotes.
    • Bubs - The owner of the concession stand and a shady businessman. Often sells his customers - including Strong Bad - questionable and/or dangerous goods.
      Strong Bad only mentions Bubs during a 'Call - Small Bet' quote.
    • The King of Town - The self-appointed ruler of Free Country, USA. Strong Bad has a really negative opinion of the King of Town and often makes fun of or directly insults him.
      Strong Bad usually mentions The King of Town in negative situations.
    • Homsar - A joke character created from a mispelling of Homestar. Strong Bad finds him annoying to be around, likely because of his nonsensical comments and remarks.
      Strong Bad only ever mentions Homsar when waiting for The Player to make an action.
  • Videlectrix- A fictional video game company that make 8-bit video games, including Snake Boxer 6 which is only ever mentioned in-game. Strong Bad usually refers to Videlectrix in positive situations.
  • Limozeen - A fictional glam-rock band that Strong Bad is a huge fan of. Strong Band mentions Limozeen during a conversation with Tycho and Max.
  • Strong Badia- A field in Free Country, USA that Strong Bad tries to claim as his own territory (although in the events of Strong Badia the Free, he declares Strong Badia its own independent nation). Strong Bad mentions Strong Badia multiple times in several contexts.
  • Compy, Inc - A computer corporation through which Strong Bad has bought many of his computers. While none of his computers are mentioned by name in-game, Strong Bad does describe his Compé in a conversation with Tycho, which at the time of the games release was Strong Bad's most recent computer.
  • Where's the Cheat? - When waiting for the Player to act Strong Bad says "This is more boring than one of Homsar's Late Night Jenga Jams". This quote refers to how Homsar calls Connect 4 a Jenga Jam and to Strong Sad's Lament where he complains about Homsar's Jenga Jam Parties, both of which happen in "Where's the Cheat?"
  • rated - When asking Heavy about his favorite movies Strong Bad mentions "Fists of Knuckles", a triple R rated movie from the Strong Bad email "rated."
    • In a deleted conversation, a similar thing occurs where Strong Bad mentions "Blistergeist" when talking about video games with Tycho, an R-rated game that was mentioned in the Strong Bad email "slumber party."


  • When comparing Tycho's hair to a hedgehog Strong Bad quickly says "unassociated with any video game license" in reference to Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog series.
  • Strong Bad asks Max if he's "one of those poke-mons " and then goes on about how funny it would be if a pointy-haired prepubescent kid tried to shove him in a baseball.
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