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  • During a Showdown Max may use a Viewmaster. This is one of the 'Toys of Power' which can unlock psychic powers in those blessed with "The Gift". In Season 3, Max uses the Viewmaster to look into the future of whoever it is used upon.
  • Max's dialogue with Tycho and Heavy about his dream is another reference to one of the "Toys of Power" which can unlock psychic powers in those blessed with "The Gift".
  • Max often mentions Flint Paper. Flint Paper is a private detective with an office next to Sam & Max's and is a good friend of theirs. He has made occasional appearances since the first Sam & Max comic in 1987. Flint can be seen at the bar in the background.
  • Characters from the Sam and Max Series that are Mentioned: Bosco, Momma Bosco, Flint Paper, Santa Claus, The Elfs, Artie Flopshark, Sam, Jurgen (Possibly), Superball, Jimmy Two Teeth and The Zombies from "Night of the Raving Dead" (Possibly).
  • Max says he has Experience with Zombies and Vampires, A Reference to Sam and Max Season 2 Episode 3, when Jurgen (Who is a Vampire) Ran an army of Zombies
  • Max's Fustration with the word "Banang" is a Reference to "Chariot of the Dogs" when Sam Kept saying Banang and doing a little Dance that Max Found Funny at first, then got annoyed and threw the Can of Banang away.
  • The "Low Level Mafia" Max Mention was Possibly a Reference to S&M Season 1 Episode 3 "The Mob, The Mole and the Meatball" when they Encounter the Toy Mafia
  • Tycho Mentioning Momma Bosco is a Reference to "Chariot of the Dogs" when Momma Bosco fell in Love with Max, The Mention of Bosco becoming a Cow is also in this (Tycho Mentioning could also be in contrast to his Love for Bestiality)


  • Max recalls several incidents with Flint Paper making Artie Flopshark's life a misery. Artie Flopshark was the unseen "Poker Guru" in Telltale Texas Hold 'Em.
  • Strong Bad calls Max "Stitch" referring to the eponymous character of the Disney movie "Lilo and Stitch". Like Max, Stitch is known for having serrated teeth; large ears; an oddly-shaped head and a love of destruction.
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