References to Bruce Campbell's CareerEdit

Bruce Campbell was the actor who originated the role of Ashley "Ash" Williams in Sam Raimi's film Evil Dead. The character is still modeled after Bruce Campbell, despite being played by Danny Webber in this game.

"Hmmm, what would Chuck Finley do...?"

  • Chuck Finley is the alias of Bruce Campbell's character, Sam Axe, on the show Burn Notice.

"I wore a cowboy hat for awhile during the 90's. Didn't stick."

  • A reference to Bruce Campbell's role in the 1990's show The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr., where he played the titular heroic cowboy.

"You can't go wrong with The King."

  • A nod to Bruce Campbell's role as Elvis in the film Bubba Ho-Tep.
  • It may also be referencing Ash's immortal "Hail to the king, baby." line from the ending of Army of Darkness.

"Sam Axe? (scoffing noise) might as well call yourself "Davey Gunface."

  • As mentioned above, Sam Axe was Bruce's character in Burn Notice.

Other ReferencesEdit

Brock: "When they told me Ash Williams was gonna show up, I was kinda expecting a girl."

Ash: "I've been getting that a lot for some reason."

  • A possible nod to the Mass Effect series of games. One of the characters is named Ashley Williams, after Ash.
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