Project Aim(s)Edit

  1. To extract and upload all the voice files from Poker Night at the Inventory. <===Current Stage
  1. To properly classify and name them.
  1. To fuse together individual lines to make the full conversation.


  • Project Leader — Guybrush 20X6
  • The Heavy's Dialogue: ???
  • Max's Dialogue: ???
  • Strong Bad's Dialogue: ???
  • Tycho's Dialogue: ???

How to get involvedEdit

First: Delare what part of the project you want to do on the talk page.

Second: Download this program (and maybe donate a couple of bucks to the guy who made it).

Third: Save the apropriate files to your computer. Don't worry the program automaticlly converts the .ogg files to .wav format

Fourth: Upload your work.

Remember: We reserve the right to pass your position in the project if you do not make contact for a fortnight.

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