The audience of PAX got to help Telltale Games discover who committed a murder at The Inventory. Animation is by Telltale, the voices are by selected audience members. "PAX" is the common acronym for Penny Arcade Expo, an annual gamer festival held by the creators of the web comic Penny Arcade.


{Music plays, while the camera pans across the inventory. General Skun'ka-pe and Pedro are shown at a table. Marty McFly, and Dank are shown at the bar, while Reginald Van Winslow serves them behind the counter. Nelson Tethers and Max are sitting at a table at the back. Flint Paper is standing in front of a table, rubbing the back of his neck. Mr. Featherly and Constable Dibbins are on the stage area, with Sal standing at the other side talking to Tycho, who is sitting at a table. Morgan LeFly is standing beside him. Theodore Dudebrough and an unknown character are sitting at a table with drinks in front of them. Marzipan is sitting at the next table.}

{Cut to a close shot of Strong Sad laying sprawled out on the ground. Screams are heard, and blood runs out from his body.}

{Cut to Sam, in his noir outfit from They Stole Max's Brain!.}

SAM: It was a Kafkaesque and stormy night. There was a cone of silence around the joint.

{Cut to Sam in front of the bar, talking to Van Winslow.}

SAM: Who is your daddy, and what does he do?

{Cut to closeup of Van Winslow.}

VAN WINSLOW: Well sir, I do fancy myself a map.

{Cut to the other side of the bar, where Sam is talking to Mr. Featherly, who is standing on counter.}

SAM: You look dirtier than a muddy box of chicken strips. Why did you cross the road tonight?

{Cut to closeup of Mr. Featherly.}

MR. FEATHERLY: I got nothing.

{Cut to Sam walking towards Marzipan, with the camera aimed at the back of Marzipan's head.}

SAM: Put your arms where I can see them, murderer!

{Cut to closeup of Marzipan.}

MARZIPAN: Not on the first date, detective!

{Cut to Sam walking towards TYCHO, with the camera aimed at the back of Tycho's head.}

SAM: OK, you're clearly up to no good, put the d20 on the ground, slowly.

{Cut to closeup of Tycho.}

TYCHO: Look here, you odious lout! I haven't killed someone in... at least two days. [1]

{Cut to Sam walking towards TYCHO, with the camera aimed at the back of Tycho's head.}

SAM: I doubt that!

{Cut to closeup of Tycho.}

TYCHO: It looks like the jig is up! And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for this meddling PAX panel!

{Tycho pulls at his face. Everyone screams. Cut to Van Winslow who is shown screaming, with a shocked expression on his face, then to General Skun'ka-pe, who also has a shocked expression, then to Mr. Featherly who jumps up in the air and flutters his wings.}

{Cut to Tycho's table, where a velociraptor is seen jumping off the table.}

VELOCIRAPTOR: It was I, a velociraptor!

{The velociraptor opens it's mouth with it's tongue hanging out, makes a slightly higher pitched laughing noise, and runs towards the camera with it's teeth bared.}

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  1. In the video, the given line skips around to produce "at least— at least two days" with different stuck frames. Fault in recording or uploading is not assumed.

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The PAX crowd watching the toon