Decks Edit

The Team Fortress Deck is the first unlockable deck after the default deck. The normally black cards are colored blue.

  • Ace: Spade has Saxton Hale.
  • King: Heavy (Hearts and diamonds) Soldier (Clubs and spades)
  • Queen: Models from the ingame calanders.
  • Jack: Scout (Clubs and spades) Demoman (Hearts and diamonds)
  • Back of Cards: Team Fortress 2 logo with blue and red corners.

For the Poker Night deck, Team Fortress is represented by Diamonds.

  • King: Heavy
  • Queen: Administrator
  • Jack: Spy

Tables Edit

Table Wins Needed Description and Effect
RED Team 7 A red and white table with the RED team logo in the center. Using this table causes the Heavy to wear a green visor.
BLU Team 11 A blue and white table with the BLU team logo in the center.
Team Fortress 2 14 A dirty orange table with the Team Fortress logo in the center.
Telltale Shield 20 A black table featuring a shield in the center with various parts representing the four characters in the game and the Telltale Games logo in the center of the shield. Using this table has the combined effects of the Automata, RED Team, Videlectrix and Max & Crossbones tables.

Team Fortress 2 Item Edit