Cards from the default Inventory deck.

Decks are a type of unlockable that changes the look of the cards being used in gameplay, and are merely a cosmetic effect.

New card decks are unlocked for every three games won. All other games award a Table instead, but in Poker Night 2 The Player has to collect enough Inventory Tokens to unlock the unlockables.

Poker Night at the Inventory DecksEdit

Default Deck (0 wins)Edit

A basic deck.

Team Fortress 2 Deck (3 wins)Edit

The normally black cards are colored blue.

  • Jack: Scout (Clubs and spades) Demoman (Hearts and diamonds)
  • Queen: Model from the ingame BLU team calendar (Clubs and spades), Model from the RED team calendar (Hearts and diamonds)
  • King: Heavy (Hearts and diamonds) Soldier (Clubs and spades)
  • Ace: Spade has Saxton Hale.
  • Back of Cards: Team Fortress 2 logo with blue and red corners.
  • A minor bug when winning a tournament when all Decks and Tables are unlocked will appear when dealing a new game appears.

Homestar Runner Deck (6 wins)Edit

The cards are in an 8-bit style. Numbered cards are simply the suit in the center with the number on top of it.

  • Jack: Homestar Runner
  • Queen: The Cheat
  • King: Strong Bad
  • Ace: Spade has Videlectrix Logo
  • Back of Cards: Blue with white star in center.

Sam & Max Deck (9 wins)Edit

  • Jack: Mack Salmon
  • Queen: Papierwaite
  • King: Skun-ka'pe
  • Ace: Spade has Max's burning head.
  • Back of Cards: Sam & Max logo with black edges on top and bottom of card.

Penny Arcade Deck (12 wins)Edit

  • Jack: Twisp (Blacks), Catsby (Reds)
  • Queen: Fruit Fucker (Blacks), Grapefruits (Reds)
  • King: Gabe and Tycho
  • Ace: Spade has a 20-sided die on the tip.
  • Back of Cards: Blue with yellow band in middle; Pac-Man logo on yellow part.

Poker Night Deck (15 wins)Edit

The images on the royals depend on the suit, with Penny Arcade for spades, Sam & Max for clubs, Homestar Runner for hearts, and Team Fortress 2 for diamonds.

  • Jack: Fruit Fucker (Spades), Max (Clubs), Homestar Runner (Hearts), Spy (Diamonds)
  • Queen: "Annarchy" Brahe (Spades), Flint Paper (Clubs), Strong Bad (Hearts), Administrator (Diamonds)
  • King: Tycho & Gabe (Spades), Sam (Clubs), Strong Sad (Hearts), Heavy (Diamonds)
  • Ace: Spade is upside down with Telltale Games logo in center.
  • Back of Cards: Red with the Inventory logo in the center.

Grickle Deck (18 wins)Edit

The cards are normal, with the faces of the royals drawn in the style of Graham Annable. There is also no letter indicating the particular royal, thus determining the card's value is based simply on the art.

  • Ace: Spade has a gnome's head.
  • Back of Cards: Blue with a fish in the center.

Poker Night Alt. Deck (21 wins)Edit

The deck has the same royals as the first Poker Night Deck, but has a different back (black and white circles with the Inventory logo in the center) and an inverted color scheme (instead of the suits having the color, the entire card is the color and the suits are white).

Poker Night 2 DecksEdit

Default Deck (default)Edit

A basic deck.

Borderlands Deck (40 tokens)Edit

Backs are red with a white vault logo.

  • Jack: Mordecai
  • Queen: Moxxi
  • King: Zer0
  • Ace: Brick
  • Back of Cards: The Borderlands 2 insignia.

Sam & Max 25th Anniversary DeckEdit

The backs are dark grey with a beige Sam & Max logo.

  • Jack: Grandpa Stinky, in a captain's uniform
  • Queen: Momma Bosco
  • King: Max, wearing a blue suit with a top hat and monocle, using a long cigarette holder and holding a red wine.
  • Ace: Sam, in a business vest with a cigar and a monocle with two playing cards in his hand
  • Back of Cards: The Sam & Max Freelance Police logo.

Venture Brothers Deck (70 tokens)Edit

  • Jack: Brock Samson
  • Queen: Molotov Cocktease/Coqtiz
  • King: Dean Venture (Hearts and diamonds), Hank Venture (Spades and clubs)
  • Ace: Rusty Venture's face (Spades)
  • Back of Cards: The Venture Industries logo.

Army of Darkness Deck (120 tokens)Edit

  • Jack: Skeleton Warrior Deadite
  • Queen: She-Bitch
  • King: Ash Williams
  • Ace: The Necronomicon Ex Mortis
  • Back of Cards: The portal Ash fell into at the beginning of the movie, complete with a small silhouette of Ash himself in the corner.

Portal Deck (240 tokens)Edit

Suitable to Portal 2's portal colours, the red suits are done in orange and the black suits in blue. The royals feature stick figures coming out of a portal. A number (from 1 to 52) appears on the bottom of each card. The backs are blue with an Aperture Science logo.

  • Jack: Miscellaneous test subject figure, identical to those seen on the Portal 2 entry doors
  • Queen: Female figure holding a Companion Cube.
  • King: Male figure wearing a crown and holding a slice of cake.
  • Ace: Spades have a spade symbol coming out of a portal. (Others have no picture.)
  • Back of Cards: The Aperture Science logo.
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