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"That's what I'm talking about!"

"I got a deck of cards in here. I'll even tell you what I have. I'm bidding three nil, but you should probably bid 4 spades... Ah come on, play with me!" - Claptrap

Claptrap is a non-player character and the mascot of the Borderlands series of games. He is one of the poker players in Poker Night 2.


Smart-aleck robot Claptrap made his debut in Gearbox Software’s Borderlands and also appeared in its sequels Borderlands 2, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and Borderlands 3. He also appeared in the promotional Claptrap Web Series.

A fine example of the CL4P-TP General Purpose Robots, he is friendly to a fault, charmingly eccentric, and probably even knows how to play cards.

Poker Strategy

Claptrap's a coward and a fool, and his poker strategy reflects this; his actions appear to be the same as Max: random. However, unlike Max, Claptrap understands how the game is played, lacking only a clear strategy. He may either be cautious, aggressive or he may bluff. When Claptrap has enough money, he will attempt to bet loose-aggressively. Until then, he will fold frequently while waiting for a good hand - and if he has a good hand, he's going to try to go all the way to the end with it. He does seem to have a tendency to go all in when pressured and low on funds. He's also more difficult to read as his tells occur more rarely than the other characters', but he goes all-in at times he shouldn't, so he's likely to get knocked out by the other players.

Claptrap's Team Fortress 2 Unlock: The Dapper Disguise

The Team Fortress 2 unlock for Claptrap is Handsome Jack's mask. Once unlocked, it can be used by The Spy.

Claptrap's Borderlands 2 Unlock: Bluffer's Bane

A green visor that can be worn by Maya, the Siren. This is physically similar to the Dealer's Visor the Heavy received as a preorder bonus for the original Poker Night.

Claptrap's Table Effect:

When all Borderlands table items are in effect, Claptrap dons a moustache and top hat and a tuxedo paint job, similar to his attire when receiving his Character of the Year award during the 2012 Spike VGAs. Room effects include Moxxi's neon lights on the stage in the back. The conversation will often go to Pandora and life there, such as the vending machines which sell guns. Players who are eliminated will be shot by Steve with a confetti rocket before leaving the table, with the exception of Sam, who receives a startling tap on the shoulder. Winning the tournament will trigger a Borderlands-style "Mission Complete" screen.


  • When Claptrap tilts forward and his antenna droops, he is unhappy. This may indicate a bad hand, or disappointment at a flop.
  • Claptrap's arm-flaps may swing up in surprise when he is pleased. However, he is still prone to playing it safe early in the game, so this may become misleading.
  • If Claptrap raises his grippers to his "face" and shakes while thinking, he is unsure about his hand.
  • If Claptrap re-adjusts his lens, he appears to like his hand.
  • Whenever Claptrap taps his grippers together in a cunning fashion, he more than likely has a good hand or is contemplating on playing sneaky, i.e. bluff. Be wary.

Relationship with Other Characters

  • Brock Samson: Brock very much dislikes Claptrap and will threaten him on occasion. However, the two will still engage in non-antagonistic conversation.
  • Ash Williams: Despite being largely ignored by Ash, Claptrap seems to only vaguely annoy him. Claptrap stated Ash is his man crush.
  • Sam: Though Claptrap can potentially annoy him with constant questions about dogs, Sam is easily the friendliest character towards the robot. Claptrap also reveals that he's a fan of Sam and Max's episodic games and comic series. Despite this, he may still insult Sam behind his back if knocked out, which will upset anyone left at the table.  
  • GLaDOS: Claptrap has a very one sided attraction to GLaDOS based on her design and condescending attitude. He will continue to hit on GLaDOS despite her remarks that she is completely apathetic to him, she actually ends up having affection to him based on some of the dialogues, where one even states that they're moving together... before just as quickly breaking up with him, after which Claptrap will be less inclined towards her. Claptrap is the only character not to display distrust or apprehension towards GLaDOS.
  • The Player: Claptrap considers the player the odd man out amongst the group as everyone else in the tournament has some major claim to fame. He will however declare the player his new best friend since his/her muteness prevents him/her from rejecting his friendship or calling him annoying.
  • Max: Much like Sam, Claptrap is a fan of Max for their games and comics. He seems closer to Max than Sam due to the fact that Max isn't as annoyed by him as Sam is. Max's love for violence makes the robot think he would fit in very well on Pandora. If Claptrap is knocked out before Sam, he will often sit next to Max for a while. Also, during a Showdown, Max will stand right next to Claptrap, wondering what the next card will be.
  • Steve: Despite his occasional abusive behavior towards the bandit, Claptrap views Steve as his best, and possibly only, real friend.

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