Chips are the value tokens used by the competitors. They are color-coded to indicate their value.


Poker Night 1

  • Green = $100
  • Blue = $500
  • Red = $1000

Poker Night 2

The buy in and the denominations are doubled from the previous game.

  • Green = $200
  • Blue = $1000
  • Red = $2000


The player can buy themed unlockables that change the looks of the chips, a feature that is purely cosmetic.

Different kinds of chips are only available in Poker Night 2 and are unlockable by earning enough inventory tokens and unlocking them. Each of the chips display the typical numbers, but written in the style of their respective series.


  • The Inventory: Default/Free.
  • Borderlands 20 tokens.
  • Sam & Max 25th Anniversary: 25 tokens.
  • The Venture Bros.: 35 tokens.
  • Army of Darkness: 60 tokens.
    • The tops of the Army of Darkness chips have their rims lined with bones and the sides have "Klaatu Barada Nikto" written along them.
  • Portal: 120 tokens.
    • The borders of the Portal chips appear to display part of the Aperture Science logo.
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