Chips are the value tokens used by the competitors. They are color-coded to indicate their value.


Poker Night 1Edit

The color scheme is a reverse of the standard Red/Blue/Green chips. The reverse has The Inventory's "three crates" logo in yellow lines on black over a horizontally-split circular field of black over yellow. The chip denominations are $100, $500 and $1000 rather than $5, $10 and $25. The buy-in is $10,000 each, meaning the final pot is $50,000.

  • Green = $100
  • Blue = $500
  • Red = $1000

Poker Night 2Edit

The buy-in is $20,000 a player, with a final pot of $100,000, and the chip denominations are doubled from the previous game. Winslow tells the contestants that it was instituted to "keep out the riff-raff", then gives the Player a sideways glance while muttering to himself that it obviously wasn't working.

  • Green = $200
  • Blue = $1000
  • Red = $2000


The player can buy themed unlockables that change the looks of the chips, a feature that is purely cosmetic.

Different kinds of chips are only available in Poker Night 2 and are unlockable by earning enough inventory tokens and purchasing them. Each of the chips display the typical numbers, but written in the style of their respective series.


  • The Inventory [Default/Free]
    • The same chips used in Poker Night 1. The borders of the chips are diced in alternating squares of white and the base chip color. The center is brown with the denomination in white on a wide black horizontal stripe with a thin white border.
  • Borderlands [20 tokens]
    • The chips are made of an tinted translucent plastic and seem to be dimly lit from within. The denominations are in the Borderlands logo font[1] in bright yellow spattered with blood red and have The Vault logo below them in dark orange. The borders are diced with translucent throughout (i.e., the translucent field bleeds into the border) and dark enamel inserts (i.e., alternating sections painted on the border) versions of the base chip color.
  • Sam & Max 25th Anniversary [25 tokens]
    • The rims are in pastel colors and have the gold laurel wreath from the 25th Anniversary logo. The background in the center is in black to show contrast. The denominations are inlaid on the center in gold and are in multiples of $1000 (1/5, 1, and 2) with a small gold logo of Max's head shown below it (a parody of the London Playboy Club chips). What appears to be a crown over Max's head is actually Max's three-fingered hand giving you the middle finger.
  • The Venture Bros. [35 tokens]
    • The chips' borders and denominations are in bright day-glo colors with black centers (green border with orange 200, blue border with yellow 1000, and pink border with blue 2000). There is a white cross pattern across its border with a colored central pinstripe (purple stripe for 200, red stripe for 1000 and yellow stripe for 2000). The colored denomination is superimposed over the gray Venture Industries logo watermark on the black center.
  • Army of Darkness [60 tokens]
    • The borders of the Army of Darkness chips are in drab colors lined with an octagon of white bones and the edges have "Klaatu Barada Nikto" written along them. The denominations are in the same color as the chips, are in a larger font than the other chips, and are depicted in the hundreds value over double zeros (i.e., 2 over 00 for 200 and 20 over 00 for 2000).
  • Portal [120 tokens]
    • The borders of the Portal chips display a spiral of white lines, like that of the Aperture Science logo. The center is white with denominations in black[2] and a large black Portal "running man" logo below.
  1. The Borderlands series uses the Compacta Bold font by Fred Lambert for its titles.
  2. The font used for Portal 2's titles and text is FF Din Bold and FF Din by Albert-Jan Pool
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