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Several characters besides the players and the dealers make appearances.

Poker Night at the Inventory Cameos

Bluster Blaster

Bluster Blaster is visible in the background. If Strong Bad is not the last to be knocked out of the game, he will wander off to play on him. Max also watches Strong Bad should he be busted out right after.

Series Information.

Bluster Blaster is a sentient arcade machine and a former member of the C.O.P.S., a group of outdated machines that assist Sam and Max by acting as navigators. He was built by Sam back in 1980 when Sam was a little boy. The older Sam had to find the new A.I. chip which makes Bluster Blaster the mean machine you see in the present; This is shown in Chariot of the Dogs when you visit Stinky's using the Time Travel Elevator. Back then, Bluster Blaster was more "motivational" than aggressive, which you see him as in the rest of the seasons.


Sam & Max - COPS Song

C.O.P.S Song

He is also a musician, singing the C.O.P.S. Motivational Song with the rest of the C.O.P.S. Sam encourages him, though it begins to annoy Max.

In Sam and Max: The Devil's Playhouse, you can see Bluster Blaster has suffered a mental breakdown. You track him down to a warehouse, where he sounds heavily sedated. When looking through the future goggles you can see that he ends up in space, though it is never revealed how.

Flint Paper

Flint Paper appears at the bar, and Max mentions him a lot. After Tycho is beaten he will go and sit with him and have drinks. When Max loses he will sometimes say that he will need to go and crack some skulls to earn back the money he just lost like Flint does when he is low on cash.

Series Information

Flint Paper is a Private Eye that works in the office next to Sam and Max and is usually seen in a fight when Sam and Max walk by. Flint is one of the few people whom Max admires. Sam uses the knowledge that Flint Paper gave him to try and track down the scumbag who stole Max's brain. He uses different speeches that Flint taught to try and get the perpetrators to talk.

Momma Bosco

Momma Bosco is from the Telltale Sam and Max games. She can be seen in the introduction sitting in the back with Stinky. Also, Tycho asks rude questions about her to Max.

Series Information

Ms Bosco was introduced in the Sam and Max season two episode Chariots of the Dogs. She is a strong-willed female inventor and an adamant radical Feminist. She ran a store called "Bosco's Guns and Baby Needs" which sold (apparently) only those types of two products. After a man had "trashed" her store, she hired Flint Paper's partner to track the hooligan down.

Her hatred of patriarchy lead her to make an in vitro fertilization machine (nicknamed "The Babymaker") that requires any sort of DNA sample (in the episode it was featured, Sam and Max collected spit samples) from two subjects. She made clear in the past that if she were to have a child, she would have a daughter ("a perfect little angel"). Ironically in the future, she had a son (who's father was hinted to be president John F. Kennedy) who she cares about deeply. Worried that her son Bosco works too hard, she sends him an alarm clock every Christmas in hope that he would find time to visit her; Bosco, in his paranoia, assumes that the parcels in fact contain time bombs.

Monty Muzzle

Monty Muzzle is from the Telltale game Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures. He can be seen by the bookshelves in the introduction.

Pom Pom

Pom Pom makes a cameo in the beginning at the same table as the players and apparently lost in a previous game. He wears a poker visor similar to the one that was obtained by pre-ordering the game.

Series Information

Pom Pom was one of the first characters in the Homestar Runner series appearing as Homestar's best friend in the original book. He only "speaks" in bubbling noises and has about twenty girlfriends.

Pom Pom's page on Homestar Runner Wiki


Sam is the other half of the Freelance Police. He is considered the "good cop" in the team. Sam is the first character seen in the intro. He appears on a far balcony, adjusts his tie and leaves in a style parodying the G-Man from Valve's series Half Life. Max sometimes says "I feel like Sam would want me to call.... I fold." basically saying he would ignore Sam. He became a player in Poker Night 2.

Series Information

Sam was originally a comic book character with Max as his side-kick. They moved onto TV animation before settling on the point-and-click adventure game they are now. Sam tends to adjust his hat and tie at certain points in the game. When it comes to violence, Sam isn't the dog to do it, he relies on Max to be the "bad cop". This is shown in The Mole, The Mob, and the Meatball when Sam lets Max attack Leonard Steakcharmer, after he was caught cheating at Indian Poker. Sam was the only playable character in all the Sam and Max games until The Devil's Playhouse, where Max's psychic power can be used.


Stinky (referred to as "Girl-Stinky" in The Devil's Playhouse to prevent confusion with her grandfather, Stinky) is from the Telltale Sam and Max games. She can be seen sitting at a table with Momma Bosco in the introduction.

Series Information

Stinky is young lady who owns "Stinky's Diner" down the street from Sam and Max's office. She inherited the diner, and her name, from old Stinky, whom she claims is her grandfather. The claims (and old Stinky's fate) are questionable. Stinky is also a constant liar, claiming that she is a very famous actress, inventor of artifacts, and studied beliefs, like "voodoo queen".

Trixie Trotter

Trixie Trotter is a lounge singer from the 1930s in the Telltale Game Back to the Future. She can be seen entering a secret room behind a bookcase in the introduction. As Poker Night predated the Back to the Future games, Trixie make her debut in Poker Night at the Inventory.

Artie Flopshark

Artie Flopshark is referred to by Max a few times. He is the unseen "Poker Guru" of Telltale Games' first game, Telltale Texas Hold'em. He was allegedly killed in cold blood by Sam and Max's neighbor, Flint Paper.

Poker Night 2 Cameos


Since Sam was the player in Poker Night 2, Max was relegated to his usual sidekick position. He sat at a dining table at The Inventory next to the poker table, and would often give his comments on Sam's playing or on the conversation going on between the poker players. He was banned from poker playing due to GLaDOS' identifiction that he "kept eating the poker chips". It was revealed that he had been admitted to a psychologist called "Crippling Impulse Control Issues".

Mad Moxxi

Mad Moxxi, the owner of the Moxxi's Bar in Borderlands 2, served drinks at the Inventory. When the Borderlands theme is active, The Inventory is converted to look like Moxxi's, complete with sign.

General Skun-ka'pe

General Skun-ka'pe, a secondary villain in Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse, appears in the vehicle that takes the Player to The Inventory. He is an alien who resembled an ape, or a sasquatch (a creature of legend more commonly known as bigfoot). His name is a play on the Florida legend of the skunkape, a sasquatch who is said to smell like a skunk. He is voiced by Roger Jackson, who also voices Reginald Van Winslow.

Sign Spinner

The sign spinner, one of General Skun-ka'pe's former henchmen, is the doorman for the vehicle that brings The Player to The Inventory. He doesn't speak in the game, but like General Skun-ka'pe, he was voiced by Roger Jackson in Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse.


A Waiter from the game Gravity Bone appears in a doorway at the entrance of The Inventory.


Steve is a bandit raider from the Borderlands series, who is known for his cry of "Heyooo!" He appears next to Claptrap during the introduction, and he also appears after someone is knocked out when the Borderlands theme is active. Like Max, he will occasionally shoot Claptrap's hand if he is dealt awful cards. He is voiced by Mikey Neumann, a Creative Director at Gearbox Software.


Doug, a character from The Walking Dead: The Game, goes into a door at the entrance to The Inventory. Doug is based on Doug Tabacco, Telltale's former IT technician.


The leader of the Save-Lot Bandits from The Walking Dead: The Game appears briefly during the introduction, getting knocked through a door in The Inventory after being stabbed by Brock Samson during an off-screen game of Johann Sebastian Joust.